IRONMAN 70.3 Warsaw

08-06-2025 09:30
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Unshaken spirit of Polish capital


The unshaken spirit of Warsaw has seen many historic battles. Now, it is going to see IRONMAN 70.3 athletes taking on the swim, bike, run in the heart of the city. Poland's largest city is dynamic, rich in culture and history, with open-minded people, as well as great nightlife. A unique destination for a quick city-break with exciting IRONMAN racing included. 



Race date

Sunday, June 8th 2025


Nieporet Port / Zegrzyńskie Lake

Swim course

1,9 km

Time limit

1 hour 10 minutes

Bicycle course

90 km

The time limit for completion of the swimming and cycling events:

5 hours 30 minutes

Run course

21,1 km

Time limit

8 hours 30 minutes

Finish line

Multimedia Fountain Park in Warsaw


Registration fee

Tier 1

295 EUR


Tier 2



Tier 3

330 EUR


Tier 4

345 EUR


Tier 5

360 EUR


Tier 6

380 EUR



2000 athletes



The registration will be closed 1st June 2025




1st place

2500 USD

2nd place

2000 USD

3rd place

1500 USD

4th place

1000 USD

5th place

500 USD

The winners of money awards will pay the tax in accordance with applicable regulations.

To start in the PRO category, read here.

Rules & Regulations


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Withdrawal & Transfer


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Swim course

More information soon

Bike course

More information soon

Run course

More information soon

For Athlete



Starting kit

The starting kit includes:

- BIB number

- timing chip

- sticker set

- wristband

- swim cap

- two transition bags (red and blue)

- deposit bag

- personal accident insurance

Every athlete who completes the race and crosses the finish line will receive a commemorative medal and a finisher shirt.

The starting kit includes a wristband. The wristband is essential to enter the transition area, the start area, and, after the race, the finisher area. The wristband is put on during the race pack pick-up and will be taken off by staff when athletes retrieve their bikes from the transition area after the race.


Race office

The race office is located in the Multimedia Fountain Park in Warsaw. You can find the opening hours of the race office at EVENT SCHEDULE.



You will receive a QR code from us via email during the week before the race, which will be necessary to chcek-in in the race office. The received code will be scanned at the race office and the staff will then issue you the kit. Remember to bring your ID as it is necessary for us to check if all the information we have matches your actual data :)

Can someone else check-in on your behalf?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. Each participant is obliged to chcek-in their own.



During the event, a triathlon union license (one-time or annual) is required

We accept triathlon licenses from other countries.

If you do not have such a license, you can purchase one:

  1. Through the SlotMarket system:

    • During registration for the event - when registering for the competition, select "Daily licence of the Polish Triathlon Association" and pay for it.

    • After registering for the event - in to your account (the account from which you registered for the competition), click on LINK, go to the "Usługi" tab and select "Licencja Polskiego Związku Triathlonu" and pay for the license

  2. Through the PZTri mobile application (option available only for Polish athletes) MORE INFORMATION


Transition Zone

T1 Zone

Location: Lake Zegrze

The opening hours for the T1 zone can be found in the EVENT SCHEDULE

On June 11 (Sunday), it will not be possible to enter with a bike or a bag. On that day, you can check and prepare your bike, inflate your tires, and bring your bottles.


How does the T1 zone work?

On June 10, leave your bike and blue bag with the items you will need for the cycling stage: helmet, start number, cycling shoes. After completing the swimming stage, you will put wet items (wetsuit, goggles, swim cap) in the same bag and throw it into the designated drop-off area. You will retrieve this bag after the race in the T2 zone.

At the entrance to the T1 zone

Before entering the transition zone, attach stickers from the race pack to your bag, helmet, and bike.

Judges will check:

  • The technical condition of your bike. If any problems or non-compliance with the rules are found, you may be denied entry to the zone. In case of any disputes, the final decision rests with the judges.

  • Matching numbers for helmet/bike/bag; Athletes without helmets may not enter the zone. Helmets must be left in the bag (not on the bike!), while SPD shoes may remain attached to the pedals.

  • Wristband

When entering the transition zone, a photo will be taken of you with your helmet and bike labeled.


T2 Zone

Location: Polonia Warszawa side field, entrance from Traugutta Park

The opening hours for the T2 zone can be found in the EVENT SCHEDULE

On June 11 (Sunday), it will not be possible to bring a bag.


How does the T2 zone work?

On June 10, leave your red bag with the items you will need for the running stage: running shoes, hat. After completing the cycling stage, you will put cycling items in the same bag and hang it back on the hook with your start number.

At the entrance to the T2 zone

Before entering the transition zone, attach a sticker from the race pack to your bag.

Judges will check:

  • Matching numbers for the bag

  • Wristband

Retrieval of bikes and bags

Bikes and bags from both T1 and T2 zones can be picked up at the transition area on the Polonia Warszawa side field during the hours specified in the EVENT SCHEDULE

To retrieve your equipment from the transition area, you must have:

  • Wristband

  • Bib number

  • chip

The chip must be returned when you pick up your bike from the transition area, near the exit from the zone.



The deposit will be located in a bus near the start ZONE. Items for deposit will only be accepted in numbered deposit bags (black bag).

The opening hours of the deposit can be found in the EVENT SCHEDULE.

After the competition, items from the deposit will be returned at the finisher zone.



During the Citi Handlowy IRONMAN 70.3 Warsaw, the following categories will be conducted:

  • PRO athletes (male and female)

  • Age groups (male and female)

  • Warsaw Champion (male and female)

  • Handcycle Division (male and female)

  • TriClub

Additional categories that are not classified:

  • PC / ID Open Division

  • Open Division

The PRO athlete category applies to athletes who hold an annual IRONMAN PRO membership. Participation in the PRO category excludes participation in other categories.

Age group category: eligibility for the age group category is determined by year of birth. Participation in the age group category excludes participation in the PRO athlete category

Age group categories are as follows:

W/M 18 (18-24 years)
W/M 25 (25-29 years)
W/M 30 (30-34 years)
W/M 35 (35-39 years)
W/M 40 (40-44 years)
W/M 45 (45-49 years)
W/M 50 (50-54 years)
W/M 55 (55-59 years)
W/M 60 (60-64 years)
W/M 65 (65-69 years)
W/M 70 (70-74 years)
W/M 75 (75-79 years)
W/M 80 (80 years and above)

The Warsaw Champion category is based on the city of residence provided during registration.

The Handcycle Division: to participate in this category, please email before registration to confirm eligibility

TriClub category: a category for clubs registered in the IRONMAN TriClubs program. Information about the program can be found HERE.

PC / ID Open Division (no classification): no awards will be given in this category, and no qualification for the World Championship will be granted. To participate in this category, please email before registration to confirm eligibility..

Open Division (no classification): athletes will not be classified based on gender or age in this category. No awards will be given in this category, and no qualification for the World Championship will be granted.

The SlotMarket portal requires the input of gender and date of birth during the registration process. After selecting the Open division, gender and date of birth will not be used during the competition and results


Athlete Guide

More information soon

RACE IN 2024
RACE IN 2023
RACE IN 2022
RACE IN 2021




You can find the current number of slots on the 2024 VinFast IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship in Marbella, Spain. Please note that slot allocations are subject to change

For more information about the VinFast IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship, visit.


Qualifying Slots

To accept a slot to the VinFast IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship, qualified athletes must claim their slot in-person at the Rolldown Ceremony at the advertised time and location, as detailed in the event guide. Photo ID is required to be presented and payment must be made at this point in time.


How does the Age Group Slot Allocation Work?​

“Age Group” refers to a grouping of athlete peers based on their gender and age range. For example, ‘Male 25-29’ is one Age Group, and ‘Female 25-29’ is another. Your Age Group is determined by your age as at December 31 of the year of the event. For example, if you are Male and turn 25 in 2025 then your Age Group Category for any race in 2025 is M25 – 29. 


The Slot Allocation Process

  • Before Race Day

    • Each Age Group with registered athletes is tentatively allocated one slot each (an “Initially Allocated Slot”)​

    • All other slots available for the race (the “Proportionally Allocated Slots”) are not allocated until race day​

  • On Race Day​

    • If there are no starters in an Age Group, then that Age Group’s Initially Allocated Slot is removed and pooled with the Proportionally Allocated Slot​

    • The Proportionally Allocated Slots are then distributed among all Age Groups based on the number of starters in each Age Group. This allocation is based on the ratio of athletes in each Age Group across both the male and female categories, ie, the more athletes in an Age Group, the more slot allocations they receive

  • After the Race

    • Before Roll Down
      If there are no finishers in an Age Group that had one or more starters, then the Initially Allocated Slot for that Age Group is re-allocated, within the same gender, to the Age Group with the highest ratio of starters to slots​

    • During Roll Down
      If any slot allocated to an Age Group is unclaimed (after Roll Down for that Age Group is completed), then that unclaimed slot is re-allocated, within the same gender, to the Age Group with the highest ratio of starters to slots​


Other Information​

Only Age Group Athletes are eligible to receive Age Group World Championship Qualifying Slots and/ or Extra Women’s Slots. Athletes holding current Professional or Elite status with any ITU Member National Triathlon Governing Body, WTC’s Pro Membership program or having raced as an elite athlete in any international events during the calendar year, are not eligible for Age Group Slots. Athletes may not at the time of the event, nor at the time of the World Championship event they qualified for, hold Professional or Elite status. ​

Any change in an athlete’s status prior to any event participation or a qualified World Championship event must be disclosed to WTC immediately. Failure of the athlete to make such disclosure will be cause for disqualification from such event and may result in sanction from WTC Events.



  • Credit card only (no Amex, Diners or cash payment)

  • Physical card including full card number, expiry date and CVV must be available (no Apple Pay or digital card accepted)​

  • Only one card accepted (split payment will not be accepted)​

Start list

Start List - HERE


The withdrawal and Transfer Policy is in line with the general IRONMAN policy in this regard and can be downloaded below as a .pdf file



The Regulations of  IRONMAN 70.3 Warsaw can be downloaded below as an attachment in .pdf format

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