5150 Warsaw Relays

09-06-2024 08:00
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In 2024, again at the 5150 Warsaw, triathlon relay teams will compete. Teams of three will have to cover olympic distance. A joint start is a great opportunity to start a triathlete career, have great fun and warm up before performing on a longer distance.



Race date

Sunday, June 9th 2024


Nieporet Port / Zegrzyńskie Lake

Swim course (1st leg)

1,5 km

Time limit

50 minutes

Bicycle course (2nd leg)

40 km

The time limit for completion of the swimming and cycling events:

2 hours 45 minutes

Run course (3rd leg)

10,9 km

Time limit

4 hours

Finish line

Multimedia Fountain Park in Warsaw


Entry fee

Tier 1

480 PLN


Tier 2

540 PLN


Tier 3

600 PLN



150 teams



The registration will be closed 2nd June 2024

Rules & Reglulations


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Swim course

Bike Course

Run Course


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Starting kit

The starting kit includes:

- BIB number

- timing chip

- sticker set

-  three wristbands

- swim cap

- three deposit bags

- personal accident insurance

Every athlete who completes the race and crosses the finish line will receive a commemorative medal and a finisher shirt.

The starting kit includes a wristband. The wristband is essential to enter the transition area, the start area, and, after the race, the finisher area. The wristband is put on during the race pack pick-up and will be taken off by staff when athletes retrieve their bikes from the transition area after the race.


Race office

The race office is located in the Multimedia Fountain Park in Warsaw. You can find the opening hours of the race office at EVENT SCHEDULE.



In the week preceding the race, each relay team member will receive an email from us with a QR code that will be necessary to check-in. The received code will be scanned at the race office and then the staff will issue the packet to you. Remember to bring an ID. We need it to check if all the information we have matches the actual data :)

The packet is issued for the entire team, and it is not possible to pick up only part of it.

Can one person from the team pick up the packet?

Of course, there is such a possibility. Absent team members should give their QR code to the person who will pick up their packet along with a photocopy of their identification document, so we can check if the information matches. The photocopy of the identification document is only necessary for inspection purposes and will not be taken by us.

During the check-in, the person receiving the packet will be given a wristband. The remaining wristbands will be in the starting kit. Absent team members will be required to wear the wristband before the race; otherwise, they will not be allowed to enter the start or transition zone.



During relay race, licenses from the triathlon association are not required.


Transition zone

The first relay exchange will start together with the athletes of the 5150 distance.

The first relay exchange athletes (swimmers) should line up first in the queue for the wave start at 8:00 am.

The athletes of the following exchanges will wait in the designated transition areas - T1 (at the Zegrzyński Lake) next to their bike and T2 (side field of Polonia Warsaw, entrance from Traugutta Park) next to the bike rack marked with the relay's start number.

Cyclists must be in the T1 transition area at the time of the 8:00 am swim start.

Runners must be in the T2 transition area no later than 9:00 am.


Information for the athlete starting in the bike stage.

On June 10, the athlete participating in the cycling stage is required to place their bike in the T1 zone.

You can find the opening hours of the T1 zone in the EVENT SCHEDULE

On June 11 (Sunday), it will not be possible to bring in the bike. On this day, you can check and prepare your bike, pump up the tires, and bring in bottles at the entrance to the T1 zone.

At the entrance to the T1 zone

Before entering the transition zone, attach stickers from the race pack to your bag, helmet, and bike.

Judges will check:

  • The technical condition of your bike. If any problems or non-compliance with the rules are found, you may be denied entry to the zone. In case of any disputes, the final decision rests with the judges.

  • Matching numbers for helmet/bike/bag; Athletes without helmets may not enter the zone. Helmets must be left in the bag (not on the bike!), while SPD shoes may remain attached to the pedals.

  • Wristband

When entering the transition zone, a photo will be taken of you with your helmet and bike labeled.

Retrieval of bikes

Bikes  can be picked up at the transition zone on the Polonia Warszawa side field during the hours specified in the EVENT SCHEDULE

To retrieve your equipment from the transition area, you must have::

  • wirstband

  • Bib number

  • chip

The chip must be returned when you pick up your bike from the transition zone, near the exit from the zone..


During the Citi Handlowy 5150 Warsaw Relay, the following categories will be conducted:

  • Male

  • Female

  • Mixed

To participate in the mixed category, the team must include at least one woman or one man (i.e., two women and one man, or one woman and two men).


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Withdrawals and transfers
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