Registration starts! Great flexibility and varied payment options!

Submitted by lukasz on Thu, 10/20/2022 - 13:30
On Tuesday (October 25), the registration for the IRONMAN Poland 2023 series will start, which will again be hosted in Warsaw, Gdynia and Poznań. A number of attractive payment options have been prepared for the participants, including discounts for participation in a larger number of competitions and an installment payment system.

Next Tuesday, October 25 at 15:00, the portal will start signing up for all next year's IRONMAN competition organized in Poland. Traditionally, the first opportunity to compete was scheduled for June 11 in Warsaw. Then - on the first weekend of August - the triathletes will appear in Gdynia. The end of the IRONMAN Poland 2023 season will take place on September 3 in Poznań.

Łukasz Maleszewski, press officer for the competition
It will be another season full of triathlon emotions under the IRONMAN banner. We know, however, that the necessary equipment, preparation for the start, and finally participation in the competition, including travel and accommodation, are associated with considerable expenses on the part of the competitors. So we offer a number of options to minimize the financial risk of athletes and give them maximum flexibility throughout the season.



General payment rules for the IRONMAN Poland 2023 competition:

  • currency: PLN or EUR;
  • payment methods: debit / credit card (PLN / EUR), online transfer (only PLN), PayPal (only PLN).

An important convenience will be the possibility of postponing the payment in time or dividing it into installments:

  • Payment Option Plan - the possibility of dividing the fee into two equal installments. The first is paid during registration, and the remaining amount is due from February 1, 2023 to March 31, 2023. This option is available only for registration by January 23, 2023 and applies only to the full IRONMAN distance, i.e. the Enea IRONMAN Gdynia competition.
  • Credit - throughout the registration period and in the case of any distance, players can choose a credit payment, available in the Dotpay system. Everyone can choose the time and terms of loan repayment. The option is available only for payments in Polish currency.
  • Payment deferment - it is assumed that the payment is deferred up to 30 days. The option is available for payments in PLN, up to a maximum amount of PLN 2,000.
  • Discount - for competitors who decide to start in 3 events from the IRONMAN Poland series by January 23, 2023, a discount has been prepared: 3x IRONMAN 70.3 for 750 Euro (30 Euro discount) or 2x IRONMAN 70.3 + Enea IRONMAN Gdynia for 1000 Euro (40 Euro discount). To receive a discount, please write to and pay the entire amount once.

Various forms of payment are not the only amenities for players planning to start in the legendary IRONMAN series. The organizers encourage you to take advantage of the Flex90 program, which guarantees the competitor maximum flexibility in case his start in the scheduled competition turns out to be impossible for various reasons. So it is worth registering in the first 90 days after the opening of registration (until January 23, 2023) and ensure yourself, among other things, the right to move free of charge to another race in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa) up to 7 days before the competition .

An important security for participants of the IRONMAN Poland competition is also the possibility of taking advantage of the cancellation insurance, which is available only during registration. For an additional fee, in the event of unforeseen random events, such insurance will allow the competitor to recover the entire entry fee paid.

Łukasz Maleszewski, press officer for the competition
This is the implementation of the players' demands that have been reported to us in the past. We believe that nowadays this flexibility, variety of payment methods and increased security of invested money are especially important. We want athletes to feel that their money is safe and to be able to fully enjoy the road leading to the finish line of the IRONMAN competition.



Rejestracja do zawodów IRONMAN Poland 2023 w Warszawie, Gdyni i Poznaniu zostanie uruchomiona 25 października w serwisie Znane są już opłaty startowe, które w pierwszym progu cenowym wyniosą:

- dystans IRONMAN: 520 EUR;

- dystans IRONMAN 70.3: 260 EUR;

- dystans olimpijski (5150 Triathlon Series): 90 EUR.

Jak podkreślają organizatorzy, opłaty startowe będą rosły z czasem, dlatego tym bardziej zachęcają zawodników do wcześniejszej rejestracji. W uruchomionej wcześniej przedsprzedaży pakietów na Citi Handlowy IRONMAN 70.3 Warsaw, swój start w zawodach potwierdziło już ponad 450 zawodników z 40 krajów świata.