Gift vouchers now available!

Submitted by eliza@sportevo… on Fri, 12/02/2022 - 11:23
You have asked us many times about the possibility of buying a start pack for someone as a gift. We have just launched the sale of Christmas vouchers for IRONMAN Poland 2023 events, but quota gift vouchers are also available and will be available for purchase throughout the year.

The Christmas vouchers will be available until the end of the year and can be redeemed - by registering for a particular race - until the end of 28 February 2023. The recipient of the gift will be able to register for free for the specific race to which the voucher relates, thanks to a unique discount code. If the price of the entry package for a particular race increases in the period between the purchase of the voucher and its redemption, the discount code will still allow free registration. This means that until the end of February you will be able to register at the price at which the voucher was purchased.

In addition, we want to make it possible for you to buy quota vouchers which can later be exchanged for a discount of the value of the voucher for any IRONMAN Poland events in the 2023 season, as well as other sporting events implemented by the Sport Evolution agency in the coming season. So, if you want to support someone in purchasing race packages, but you don't yet know his (or her) exact race plans, such a voucher will be a perfect gift. Let your recipient decide for themselves, in due course, at which race they will redeem the discount voucher.

More information and all available vouchers can be found HERE. If you have any questions, please contact