Promotion of sailfish wetsuits for participants of the IRONMAN Poland competition

Submitted by lukasz on Thu, 04/08/2021 - 13:24
Are you planning to compete under the IRONMAN brand? We have a special offer for sailfish wetsuits for you. Only now, all registered participants of the IRONMAN triathlon competition organized in Poland can buy a wetsuit with a 20% discount.

The sailfish brand consists of top-class wetsuits, they are known for their very good flexibility, balanced buoyancy and excellent gliding properties in water. sailfish's keynote is "made to make you faster". The founder of the company is a former competitor of the German swimming team and the fastest swimmer in the triathlon.

Jan Sibbersen, president and founder of the company
We do not want to be the largest supplier of triathlon wetsuits on the market, but certainly the best



Pianka sailfish Attack

TriSolution, a distributor of sailfish wetsuits in Poland, has prepared a special promotion for all triathletes registered for the IRONMAN competition. Competitors can buy a sailfish Attack or a sailfish One with a discount of 20%.

sailfish Attack is a high-end neoprene wetsuit that is very versatile and stands out with its excellent value for money. Durable, very flexible, coated SCS #39 neoprene provides very good buoyancy and low friction resistance in water. The Soft Stretch Inner Liner provides high comfort of use, and at the same time is so flexible that it causes almost no additional energy loss of the muscles of the arms and forearms while swimming.

sailfish One is a premium neoprene wetsuit for swimmers looking for a buoyant material. Such as, for example, the unique Nano Aero Dome neoprene with closed air chambers in the shape of a honeycomb, which is located in the area of the chest and thighs, to optimize the position while swimming. Enlarged Zero Resistance panels on the armpits, shoulders and back and panels on the forearms allow you to swim more efficiently and save energy.

Pianka sailfish One

The sailfish product line is being developed in the German city of Pfungstadt near Darmstadt (Hesse). Sailfish products have an excellent reputation far beyond Europe and are sold in more than 20 countries.

To take advantage of the 20% discount, go to the website: and use the code: IRONMAN POLAND. This offer is valid until April 30th, 2021 and as long as stock lasts.